From a “Winter Shoot” to processing

This past Saturday was a full day of photography. And, to my way of thinking, a wonderful day all around as an enthusiastic group of photographers gathered in the Baltimore Woods program room to prepare for winter photography and begin to expore some macro and close-up photography. By all accounts it proved to be an enjoyable and successful exercise. Of course only time will tell how effective it proves to be for everyone’s photography. Toward that end we have scheduled a winter photo shoot this coming Jan. 20, from 10 am to 4 pm at The Woods. While this will be free to those who registered for last Saturday’s workshop, others are welcome to join us and work on their winter photography skills. For those who did not join us last Saturday, there’s a nominal fee of just $35. If you would like to join us, just drop me a note at [email protected]

I’ve started to collect some photos from Saturday’s macro/close-up shoot that i’ll share here. I’ll add others as they come in and eventually consolidate them into a 2017 Preparing for Winter Student Gallery. The images with this post were all captured by Sandi Patnode. Nice job Sandi.

COMING UP: The next event is coming up quickly. On December 9 we’ll be back at the Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus, NY where I will present an introduction to Adobe Lightroom. The days of thinking that our responsibiity for our photos ends when we press the shutter release button are over . . . just in case anyone really thought that was the case. This workshop will open the door to possibilities many cannot imagine, when it comes to post-capture processing of your images. Since creative and artful photography begins when we visualize the image we want to create and ends when we have successfully completed what we visualized, Lightroom can play a major role. On December 9th we will explore everything from the importance of how we set up Lightroom to serve our individul needs as a catalog of our images, to the basics of how we can process images within Lightroom to achieve what we visualized at the outset.

This is only a two and a half hour workshop, but I’ve designed it to send everyone home comfortable with not just using the tools we’ll explore, but confident enough to explore beyond the basics. Future Lightroom workshops will dig even deeper.

To claim you seat for this workshop, just click the “Register Now” button here – 2017 Introduction to Lightroom