Up close is the plan

It’s only 11 days until we get together for a up-close and personal experience. At least that’s one way of describing the second half of our day-long workshop at Baltimore Woods, Saturday, November 18. Because we’re working on preparing for winter photography in the morning, it makes sense to look at an option with our photography that’s particularly suitable for our attention in the winter.  That’s why our afternoon will focus on close-up and macro photography. Together they represent a great opportunity to learn about and experience an interesting and enjoyable category of nature photography that avoids what some people might think of as the perils and discomfort of cold, winter photography.

We’ll talk about the best equipment, some interesting gadgets (let’s call them tools), helpful accessories, potential subject matter, creating artful images, serendipity, and much more. Then, the real fun begins when we all pick up our cameras and get into some photography of our own.

There’s still time to register for a fun day at The Woods. Click here for more information and to register for Preparing for Winter Photography.