Two things at once?

Some folks say they can do two things at once. I’m not one of them. So, why does it always seem like I ought to be doing a half-dozen things all at one time? I’m not even going to try and answer that question.

For some reason, I was drawn to simple compositions today.

As it happens my to-do list seems to get longer every day as the departure date for my long anticipated cross-country photo shoot approaches. I did manage to check a number of tasks off today’s list, but two items remained and it will soon be past my bed-time. So, I’m only going to get this blog posted before I call it a day. I really wanted to get some photos up from this past weekend’s shoot at the Everson Museum. Several of those who participated have shared photos from the day and they are quite impressive and deserve to be shared far and wide. I promise . . . look for them tomorrow.

When I first saw this collection of weeds and corn stalks, it reminded me of a pencil drawing, so that’s how I tried to capture it.

A few winter weeds and a small puddle appeared like an oasis in the desert.

Today, however, while the news media was making its normal “mountain out of a mole hill” and treating today’s snowfall like an historic blizzard, I was homebound most of the day. Finally, about four o’clock I couldn’t resist any longer. I turned off my office computer and prepared to venture out into the fearsome “storm”. Point of fact: it was snowing – some times. Pretty hard – sometimes, too. But, it wasn’t all that cold. The wind you might expect with a fearsome winter storm was almost non-existent. All in all it was a beautiful winter late afternoon and once I got outdoors, the falling snow and the freshly dusted (I’d guess 6-8″ of light snow) countryside capped my day peacefully. I was happy to get an hour or so outdoors behind my tripod, in part because I was thinking it might be the last snow-shoot I get before I head to points west.

A colorful sunset was a surprise, but welcome nonetheless.

This time next week I’ll be well on my way to Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Canyonlands and Arches National Forests. All except DV, for the first time. While I’m excited and anxious I’m also fearing that CNY will do something magical with winter while I’m away and I’ll miss it.

So, today’s therapy was welcomed for a couple reasons. As it turned-out, my eye today seemed to see much of the winter landscape as though it was comprised of pencil etchings right up until the last few minutes before darkness took over and sent me home. Those final minutes of today’s shoot were crowned with a sunset I wasn’t expecting. It was almost as if Mother Nature was giving me a gift to remind me of how beautiful CNY really is as I make the final preparations for my trip west.

I intend to try and post (here, on Facebook and hopefully on Instagram) regularly throughout the trip. I hope you enjoy our trip too.