Waterfalls & Streams of CNY

When: May 4, 2019
Where: Syracuse, NY
Registration Deadline: Apr. 27, 2019
Fee: $125



Early bird discount: To save $25 when registering by April 1, 2019 use Coupon Code: WSCNY-19

Chittenango Falls-8856

Chittenango Falls

By the time early May starts to blossom in Central New York we could all be suffering from severe cabin fever. It’s probably going to be muddy and it may not be all that warm yet. But, we’re ready to get outdoors with our cameras. Well, I’d be hard pressed to find a better subject in these early days of spring than the waterfalls and streams of Central New York. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of this subject matter so we’ll be hard-pressed to cover every venue we might like. Indeed, we’ll have a very full day.

Let’s be prepared to get wet. Come on . . . we’re photographing waterfalls and streams. Water, water everywhere. I’d bet that some of us will want to get into more than one of the streams and may even want to wade into the pools below some of the waterfalls. Oh yes, and this is Central New York after all, so rain is always a possibility. We’ll shoot rain or shine. Still, one way or the other we’ll have plenty of opportunity to use our neutral density filters, to try some HDR captures, and likely to pull out our macros at some point. Midday, we’ll stop for a couple of hours to review our images and regroup for the late afternoon.

Tinker Falls

Some favorite venues:
If you’re local to Central New York you may recognize some names, but if not you’ll have to take my word for it . . . “these are almost magical places to photograph.” We won’t likely hit them all, but the list of possibilities includes Tinker Falls, Chittenango Falls, Carpenter Falls, Bucktail Falls, Fillmore Glen, and New Hope Mills, and the list goes on. Of course each of these has interesting streams and creeks above and below.

In anticipation of our time together, I will be sharing some tips about how to protect yourself and your gear for photography in and around water, shortly before our trip. Here are a few images to whet your appetite.

What you’ll learn:  

  • How to maximize the flow of water in your images.
  • How to get that soft, feathered look with water.
  • What to do if the sun shines brightly.
  • Maximizing/minimizing depth of field options.
  • Capitalizing on lines, shapes and textures.
  • Making the most of “small landscapes”
  • Composing to accentuate or minimize depth.
  • What difference does your white balance make?

This is a one day tour so the only meal we have to be concerned with is lunch. We’ll plan on stopping at a local restaurant, which will also give us the opportunity to do a quick image review before wrapping up our day at a couple final venues.

CNY Streams

We’ll meet at the Skaneateles municipal parking lot (behind the village Byrne Dairy store). Parking is $2 for the day. Those who want to will be able to refresh their coffee at the Byrne Dairyt before we set out. We’ll car-pool from this point and I always encourage riders to help defray the driver’s fuel costs.

Don’t forget:

High water boots, we know you’ll want to get into the water somewhere along the way.

Knee pads or a ground pad…so you can get that really low vantage point.

Neutral Density Filters … to go for the feathered water look so many of us like.

Tripod … long exposures are a joke otherwise … and so are most other exposures for that matter.

Rain gear for you and your camera.

I hope you’ll join us!


NOTICE: The potential always exists for specifics of any tour/workshop to change. It is with this thought in mind that I will always confirm the details of your planned participation with you before charging your credit card. I always suggest that you not confirm schedule or travel arrangements until I have confirmed the details with you.