Upcoming 2019 Nature Photography Workshops

The image isn't finished just because it's captured in your camera. Even Ansel Adams took advantage of the technology of his day to optimize the final image, bringing it as close as possible to what he saw.


For more information on any of these upcoming events please send me an email or a note through my online contact form. Please note the following events are subject to change and details are still in process.


May 16-20, 2019 – Shenandoah National Park – 2019
The Shenandoah National Park website could not be more correct when it notes that the park “. . . is your escape to recreation and re-creation.” I’d like to add that you can’t go wrong if you are searching for a great photography venue . . . actually many great photography venues. (more information)

July 17-21, 2019 -Adirondack Lakes, Streams, Waterfalls
Get ready to enjoy some of the most beautiful waterscapes anywhere – plus. The plus, in this case, is found in the Adirondack village of Long Lake and the surrounding area. (more information)

August 14-18, 2019 – Quiet Waters of the Adirondacks

Quiet waters . . . meandering streams, casual lakes, and picturesque waterfalls. And, there’s nowhere better to enjoy all of these as a photographer than in the Adirondack Mountains of New York’s Adirondack State Park. Even if you’ve never spent an August day on the shores of a mountain lake or stream before, you should expect to go home already thinking about your next trip. (more information

October 2-6, 2019 – Autumn Colors – Adirondack Style
The Adirondack State Park is the largest natural wilderness region in the eastern United States, encompassing more than six million acres, 3,000 lakes, and 2,000 miles of hiking trails. Created in 1892, the park is the largest publicly protected area in the United States, greater in size than Yellowstone, the Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Parks combined. (more information)


Photography workshops of a couple hours to a couple days

I’ve heard from many photographers whose schedules don’t allow for participation in multi-day workshops. To everyone in this situation, until your schedules open up a little I’d like to be able to help you grow as a photographer so to kick off the “Shorts” schedule take a look at these events. I expect the following list will grow as I learn more about what you want. I hope you’ll let me know if there is something specific you would like to see added to the schedule.

February 16, 2019- All the Angles and More – 2019
Despite the fact that I enjoy it, I understand that some folks are not all that enthused about mixing the cold
of winter with their photography. So, here’s a rare opportunity for you and you’ll be able to click your shutter release button in comfortable warmth. Syracuse’s Everson Museum is opening its doors to us during the heart of winter. The museum itself will be our subject as we uncover how to capture all the angles, textures, shadows and more in this beautiful museum. (more information)

March 9, 2019 – Flowers of Winter – 2019
What better place can there be than a garden nursery (especially near the end of winter) to enjoy some flower photography. The Carol Watson Greenhouses will be at peak bloom for many flowers that we’re all familiar with and likely many that most of us do not recognize. But that’s just the beginning. (more information)

May 4, 2019 – Waterfalls & Streams of CNY

By the time May becomes front and center on all our calendars we’ll all be more than a little anxious to get out with our cameras. The long months of winter and the mud-weeks of early spring only serve to amplify our excitement as we pack our high-water boots and neutral density filters. (more information).

Check back for more shorts…coming soon.