Ricketts Glen & Waterfalls Galore

When: October 10-14, 2018
Where: Ricketts Glen State Park, Benton, PA
Fee: $725
Registration Deadline: September 10, 2018
Closed-out for 2018. Please check back for 2019 schedule.

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Seeing with my own eyes

Seeing with my own eyes

Description: Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls – plus! If you like photographing waterfalls and streams you’ll love Ricketts Glen State Park in Benton, PA. Headlined by the 94-foot Ganoga Falls the park sports a total of 22 named waterfalls. Of course, that means virtually uncountable riffles and cascades along the way. It’s a veritable photographers paradise.

Participant Testimonial

Tom was very well informed of excellent venues for different types of environments, with a unifying focus on waterfalls. The tour was advertised as waterfalls and moving water has always been one of my interests. Tom has probably forgotten more about photography than I know. – Fred B.

Ricketts Glen embraces the Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark which includes these wild, free-flowing waterfalls that cascade through rock-strewn clefts. Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the beauty of this 13,000-acre park.

This retreat will find us clamoring over miles of easy to moderately challenging trails (over nearly four days, don’t forget) to train our cameras on one of the widest varieties of waterfalls in any single location anywhere. On previous ventures into Ricketts Glen, we’ve found it difficult to take advantage of all the photogenic opportunities, without even trying to capture the essence of the densely forested elements of the park.

Time allowing, we’ll even get to photograph another nearby, photogenic waterfalls that most people, even some locals, don’t even know exists.

Ricketts Glen-7574The total package will provide a great opportunity to exercise your photographic skills and gear to the max. We’ll have opportunities to experiment with slow shutter speeds as well as a variety of focal length lenses from wide angle to telephoto. If you have a polarizing filter and neutral density filters, you’ll want to make certain you have them with you. We’re also likely to get to work with HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques in a forested area that can offer high contrast situations. This time of year virtually certain to present the opportunity for photographing colorful fall foliage every way you can imagine.

One of the most appreciated elements of my photo workshops is that they are limited to no more than eight participants and therefore there is ample opportunity for each participant to get help with the skills and techniques he or she is interested in exploring.

Each afternoon and most evenings will provide the opportunity for exploring design & composition, “seeing your photo before clicking the shutter release,” Lightroom and Photoshop.

Another feature of my photo retreats that has become most appreciated is the image review sessions. During image reviews we explore what each participant was seeking to express in his or her selected photos and share the insight of others on techniques, perspectives, vantage points, etc.  that might be tried in future similar shooting scenarios.

Who should attend: As with all my tours/workshops, Ricketts Glen is designed to accommodate beginner, intermediate and experienced photographers looking for one-on-one instruction and/or the opportunity to expand their portfolios with iconic waterfalls and streams, as well as forest images, and potentially some birds and wildlife. More advanced photographers will appreciate the historic park venues that we’ll visit, too.

FeatherbedLodging: I’m very happy to have been able to confirm reservations for us at the Featherbed and Breakfast, a circa 1881 restored Victorian rooming house near to where will be shooting each day. Featherbed roomIt is typical of the small hotels of the late 19th century (of course updated with modern amenities), nestled in the valley of the Big Fishing Creek at the southern gateway to Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains. Our hosts, Mary, and Fred Piefer, know what it takes to keep their guests happy and will be accommodating us with both breakfast and dinner each day. This means we won’t spend valuable time running back and forth to restaurants.

Participant Testimonial

We covered different types of falls in one day and I learned different methods and techniques for making my images more artistic, rather than just “an image.” I certainly appreciated Tom’s time reviewing images. The way Tom demonstrated using things along the way and pointed out important opportunities was really meaningful. Being a small group and being able to communicate with Tom really made a difference and was very helpful and informative. – Soumita S

Waterfalls for every taste . . . A gallery of student images!

NOTICE: The potential always exists for specifics of any tour/workshop to change. It is with this thought in mind that I will always confirm the details of your planned participation with you before charging your credit card. I always suggest that you not confirm schedule or travel arrangements until I have confirmed the details with you.