Getting Ready for Winter photography

 When: December 7, 2019
Registration Deadline: Dec. 6, 2019
Times: 10 am – 4 pm
Where: Baltimore Woods, Marcellus, NY
$30 (morning session only)
$55 (afternoon session only)
$75 (all day)

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Baltimore Woods – a winter wonderland

Macro view of a Geiger Begonia

I was just out working in the yard under a blue sky with a temperature hovering in the upper 50s or mid-60s. If anyone had been around I bet I would have been tempted to say something like “This is an absolutely glorious day. It doesn’t get much better.”  And, I would have meant every word.

The next thing you know I’m back indoors at my desk thinking about what days like today lead to . . . more glorious days, but a different kind of glorious days and glorious for different reasons. Of course, I’m talking about winter. I’m not necessarily anxious to swap days like today for winter, but as a nature photographer, there’s a twinge of excitement starting to well up. Winter’s a challenge in many ways, no arguing that fact. Still, it also comes with its own beauty, a beauty most parts of the country don’t get to enjoy without some time-consuming and costly travel. I know from experience that as surely as turning back the clocks to mark the start of Daylight Savings Time means it will be dark an hour earlier in the evening, it also means the advent of winter isn’t far off. Indeed the weather report this morning had snow in the forecast.

Besides the natural beauty of freshly fallen snow, I like the hours of sunrise and sunset in that we don’t have to get up so early to enjoy the special light in the morning or stay out so late for the evening rendition. So, I’m going to enjoy every last minute of what’s turned out to be, photographically speaking anyway, a wonder autumn 2019. But, that’s not going to keep me from getting ready for winter at the same time and it should prevent you from doing the same thing.

Those of us who have been around the block (read that to mean we’ve enjoyed our share of the changing seasons) know that winter is a season that warrants a little more preparation than the others. That’s why Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus, NY is hosting my Getting Ready for Winter Photography workshop, Saturday, December 7.

Below are some photos that resulted from macro and winter photography


I’d give better than even odds that we’ll see some snow before the date for the workshop arrives but that should not prevent any of us from getting together for a day that will be full of useful tips on how to enjoy winter photography. The morning will be crammed full of everything from how to keep your toes and fingertips warm (and an even more serious exploration of what’s available locally for general overall warmth . . . and that not just clothing. Remember, most of us aren’t very good photographers if we’re shivering or our fingertips and toes sting from the cold.

After lunch, we’ll tackle the fact that many of us will have days when we don’t want to venture out into the cold this winter. I know it happens to me from time to time. So, what do we do when this is the case and our shutter finger starts to twitch? I’m tempted to say that’s when I “resort to” close-up and macro photography but the words, “resort to” just don’t express what I’m thinking at that moment. It can be more like feeding a craving when I’m looking for some way to satisfy my urge to photograph something without venturing out into the cold.

We’ll explore the “how-to” of close-up/macro photography, some of the tools, and many considerations on how to create artful images on your kitchen countertop or dining room table. We’ll have a collection of subjects to photograph, from flowers to nickels, bubble gum to feathers, seashells to marbles and much, much more. You’ll certainly want to bring your camera and tripod . . . and if you have one, your macro lens.

The collection of images here offer just a taste of what you might expect to capture yourself during this workshop. They were taken in past winters when winter conditions didn’t present themselves or, as I said, I wasn’t up for getting out in the cold. A couple of the images here were actually created during a macro workshop in Michigan.

Flowers have become among my favorite subjects in the wintertime. You can always pick up a flower or a bouquet of flowers at a local grocery store and even at some convenience stores, for only a few bucks.

They are great subjects in many ways … utilizing any lens you may have. As macro images, you can make your composition all about lines, or color, or texture . . . or even light. I’ve been known to put a string of colored Christmas tree lights in the background.

One of the nice things about close-up or macro photography is that you can do it almost anywhere . . . even on your kitchen counter or kitchen table. No special lights or other equipment is needed, though a tripod can be very handy.

So, don’t procrastinate and miss out on the only opportunity this year to really get prepared for winter photography. Register today to save your seat by clicking here..

Who should attend: This is one of my most popular workshops and it’s designed to accommodate beginner and intermediate photographers alike as we prepare for the winter season.

What you’ll learn: There’s a lot more to winter photography than just keeping warm. But, that’s where we’ll begin. If you’re cold, you are not going to last long. But, there’s no reason to let the cold interfere with our photography. We’ll cover how to keep your fingers and toes warm, not to mention your nose. Of course, you want to protect that camera and maximize battery life, too. What should you eat? And, drink? Then, when it comes to your photo gear, what should you be concerned about? What kind of days are best for winter photography? Can it be too bright? Why do your winter photos look too blue or too gray and what to do about it? This and more will quickly fill the outdoor winter photography part of our day and we’ll cover it all before brown bagging lunch.

Getting into the macro/close-up photography we’ll explore macro photography on the cheap . . . along with the best tools for macro and close-up photography, and all about focus and creativity as well as where to do your macro shooting. We’ll have plenty of subject matter to try your hand at making creative and pleasing macro/close-up images. So bring your camera(s) . . . and tripods.

Fee for the day includes coffee and an array of macro/close-up photography subjects.

Bonus: Participants on Dec. 7 get to join us, FREE, for a special one-day winter photoshoot on January 11, 2020, also at Baltimore Woods.

Where’s Baltimore Woods? 4007 Bishop Hill Rd, Marcellus, NY 13108

Bonus: Participants Dec. 7 get to join us for a special one-day winter photoshoot on January 11, 2020.

Where’s Baltimore Woods? 4007 Bishop Hill Rd, Marcellus, NY 13108

Map to Baltimore Woods