Flowers of Winter – 2019

When: March 9, 2019
Where: The Carol Watson Greenhouses, Lafayette, NY

Fee: $50.00 (Tom Dwyer Photography Alumni – $35)

Registration Deadline: March 7, 2019. (space available)

Limited seats for this workshop. Make your reservation soon!

What better place can there be than a garden nursery (especially near the end of winter) to enjoy some flower photography. The Carol Watson Greenhouses will be at peak bloom for many flowers that we’re all familiar with and likely many that most of us do not recognize. But that’s just the beginning. With the greenhouse canopies filtering the sun, we’ll get the opportunity to explore, not only photographing Carol’s flowers straight-forward, but we’ll also get to experiment with close-up and macro photography techniques. A bonus: it’s warm under the glass of the nursery. So, plan to dress in layers so you shed layers to keep from overheating.

Besides being warm, those who have joined us in the past will recall that the brightness of the sun shining through the greenhouse glass has made viewing projected images difficult. I am taking measures to mitigate that problem this year so we can enjoy a presentation on flower and macro photography.

Who should attend: This workshop is specifically designed to accommodate beginner and intermediate photographers alike.

What you’ll learn: Both through the presentation on flower and macro photography I just mentioned as well as via one-on-one instruction throughout the day we’ll be able to explore:

  • Which lenses work best for what effect?
  • What do we do about any harsh light?
  • How can we mitigate dark shadows?
  • What can we make happen by changing our white balance settings?
  • What difference does aperture and shutter speed make?
  • How do we find abstract compositions and/or the beauty in macro?
  • When does a photograph of a flower become something else?

Fee:  $50. 00, includes lunch, the opening presentation, ample time for one-on-one instruction and lots of flower photography. Alumni use discount code (FW-19)

A gallery of flowers: