All the angles and More – 2019

When: February 16, 2019
Where: The Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
Fee: $50 (Tom Dwyer Photography alumni $35)
Registration Deadline: February 9, 2019



Despite the fact that I enjoy it, I understand that some folks are not all that enthused about mixing the cold of winter with their photography. So, here’s a rare opportunity for you and you’ll be able to click your shutter release button in comfortable warmth. Syracuse’s Everson Museum is opening its doors to us during the heart of winter. The museum itself will be our subject as we uncover how to capture all the angles, textures, shadows and more in this beautiful museum.

The doors will swing open for us at 10 am and we’ll have the run of the museum until closing (about 4 pm). This will give us the opportunity to really study angles, textures, shadows, and the effects of light on each and all of these elements of our photos.

Our agenda will be different from last year’s Everson Museum workshop.

  • We’ll begin with a lecture on “lines, angles, & textures” in our photos emphasizing what constitutes each element and how to use it in your composition.
  • This will be followed by an interactive demonstration from behind my camera.
  • After lunch (pack your own) a second lecture titled, “Seeing with the eyes of an artist” will serve as our entree to our afternoon shoot.
  • The workshop will not end when the museum closes and we depart for our homes. Rather, at home each participant is encouraged to process their photos and select several to upload to me for constructive critique.
  • Finally, a selection of photos will be posted in a student gallery on my website and, for those who agree, provided to the Everson Museum for potential use in their marketing and advertising activities. Any photo used, either on my website or by the Everson Museum, will be credited to the photographer who created it. Sorry, no further compensation is available at this point.


A refreshing story

It will also help us stretch our thinking as we play (experiment) with depth of field, maybe some camera motion or multiple exposure techniques and of course black and white capture.

The Everson will also provide a spectacular opportunity to exercise our ability to “envision” our photos before we click that shutter release button, to think about the “artfulness” of our compositions, to wrestle with lines that may or may not want to work for us at first and much more.

It’s not too early to put our thinking caps on, is it?

Event Details

When: February 16, 2019
Where: The Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
Fee: $50 (Tom Dwyer Photography alumni $35)
Registration Deadline: February 9, 2018