The proof is in the pudding

Each day of your workshop should be viewed as a new beginning . . .  new opportunity to stir the pudding.

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Image reviews: “The proof is in the pudding.”

Our objective is to create a pudding that satisfies your hunger.

I love that saying because it’s so right on the mark. You may have the best recipe and all the ingredients, but until it’s pudding you can’t really enjoy it.

Each day of your workshop adds a new ingredient or two to your pudding.

One of everyone’s favorite activities during my workshops has long been what we call “Image Reviews.” They’re the pudding, so to speak. In a typical workshop, you may get one or two image review sessions each day. In a “Photography is Personal” workshop we sort of snack all day, each day . . . and often even beyond the formal workshop days after we have all returned home.  

In the midst of a typical day, image reviews are spontaneous and frequent as key tools to learning. En route to understanding where you are in becoming familiar with a new tool, developing a new skill or technique, or understanding their impact on your photograph impromptu image reviews help gauge progress. They prove to be enlightening not to mention effective at helping to build confidence. We could call these brief sessions “photo critiques” but that insinuates good and bad or right and wrong or may be perceived as lowering the boom on an individual’s efforts and a new favorite photo. That’s not the intent of image reviews.

Image Review sessions regularly deliver “ah-ha” moments along with moments that clarify our thinking, or simply jog our memory about something we forgot to consider when composing the image. Regardless, each image review is conducted in the spirit of recognizing your objectives for your image, discovering through another set of eyes how our different tools (lenses, filters, camera settings, existing light, etc.), techniques, and more affected the results. 

The purpose of each image review is to guide us toward greater success. So, a successful review session will always pay particular attention to what we might want to consider doing differently next time.






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