The drab in between

It’s difficult during the drab days between autumn and winter and that’s especially true on days like today, when winter is threatening with thick dark clouds and therefore minimal color in the landscape. Add to the fact that the colorful leaves have all fallen, lay on the ground as pretty much a soggy mess. It’s almost enough to keep a photographer indoors. Not!

I’m posting these two images to illustrate how drab the color rendition turned out, compared to the B&W version.


Today I went to one of my favorite, last minute shooting venues, intent on trying to capitalize on lines, shapes, triangles and textures in the landscape. I admit, I was hoping the very light dusting of snow we had received late this afternoon would clean things up a bit. Not the case, though.

Still, I decided to spend a few minutes and feed the habit. Total darkness arrived before I was really ready to give up but give up I did and headed home. It ended up that I had only managed to squeeze off a couple dozen clicks and they were, well . . . uninspiring, especially in their original color renditions.

So, in Lightroom CC I went to work trying to see what, if anything I could salvage. I wasn’t having much luck in color so I decided to try converting some of the images to black & white. I also decided to try cropping . . . in some cases dramatically, to see what I could come up with. Here’s a sampling of those that I thought things like texture, leading lines, diagonal lines and even triangles help make acceptable. But, I think converting to B&W did the most to give these images a little longer life.

Click on each image for a larger rendition.