Testing High Dynamic Range (HDR) software

One of the biggest challenges we face as photographers is the inability of our camera (or perhaps more to the point our film or digital sensors) to capture the full range of light that we see. We use our neutral density filters to reduce light levels in certain parts of our images (typically the sky), flashes to increase light in certain areas (typically the shadows), and sometimes after-capture-processing to try and mitigate this weakness.
Recently, software has become available to make this mitigation remarkably easier. I’ve started experimenting with one such application -Photomatix (note: not Photomatrix – no “r”). When you visit them on the web (www.hdrsoft.com) you get to see some examples of how several photographers have used the application to produce striking images.

I’m still learning, but to the left is an example of what I’ve been able to achieve the first time through. I’m anxious to learn any tips anyone might have to help me improve.