Student Galleries: Adirondack Quiet Waters – 2018

I’ve always valued the quiet waters of the Adirondack Mountains. They have offered me countless opportunities to bask in the peacefulness of a pond’s shoreline, the tranquility of a meandering stream or the quiet of a reflecting sunrise or sunset. I’ve learned to value the regenerative powers they embody in an otherwise chaotic world. So, I set out with the Quiet Waters of the Adirondack workshop just completed not only to share as much as possible of serenity I’ve experienced but I hope also to share the opportunity to help other photographers grow in their ability to capture what they were experiencing as they focused their cameras on these quiet waters.

I believe all were largely successful and the photos in this gallery are a testament to that being the case. While each photographer experienced the same quiet waters, each one’s experiences were different and I think you can see that in their images.