Plan now for some interesting waterfalls

Bucktail Falls-8689-93

Bucktail Falls

You may want to call this post a crass commercial, so forgive me. But, one of my favorite subjects is waterfalls. Big waterfalls, small waterfalls, even temporary waterfalls created by a heavy rain or even a good spring thaw. We’ll actually get to shoot a couple waterfalls in the Adirondack Winter Photography Retreat coming up the end of this month. Maybe it’s the spring-like weather but right now I’m really thinking about what’s coming up in April and May.

Ricketts Glen-7645-HDR

Ricketts Glen

We have three really nice opportunities coming up with a waterfalls smorgasbord to kick things off April 17-20 in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. We’ll have a tough time photographing all 21 of the falls that we’ll find. There will certainly be no lack of opportunity.

A distant perspective on the Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park,

Letchworth’s Middle Falls

And, to make a great trip even better, we have a delightful 19th century Victorian rooming house to call home. Then, for those who don’t get their fill of waterfalls or who cannot take in one of the multi-day workshops, our calendar sports the Waterfalls of Central New York, a one-day workshop slated for April 30.

Then it’s May and what many will call the crowning jewel of this year’s waterfalls workshops is on the docket…The Waterfalls of the Genesee River and Letchworth State Park. In New York, only Niagara Falls is larger than what we’ll enjoy in Letchworth.

So, if you enjoy photographing waterfalls or would like to really get into it, make plans now to join us in the spring.