Photography Is Personal Workshops

When you think of yourself as a photographer, do you see a “newbie” or an “oldie but goodie”, two terms I promise not to use again. But, for now, it’s the intent of the question that matters?

Are you currently seeking an understanding of what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are all about, recently gotten past that hurdle, or, do you find yourself yearning for more than “capturing a pretty picture” and anxious to “create photographs with significance,” meaning, feeling, something to say.

As with mastering most important endeavors, photography demands most practitioners grow in stages. Some become comfortable quickly, find photography fulfilling and satisfying early on where others continually thirst for more.

“Photography Is Personal Workshops” are designed for maximum effectiveness working with” individual photographers” wherever they are in their photography, always focusing on each individual’s current goals while at the same time ready, even anxious to help facilitate the efforts of those whose yearning has turned to creating “significant” (expressive, meaningful, artful) photography.

  • Whether you are new to photography, have enjoyed its reward for years, are intent on nurturing a resurging passion, or find yourself focused on goals you may literally feel, “Photography Is Personal Workshops” endeavor to help you realize your goals.
  • The primary tool in achieving the objectives of f/8 Insights’ “Photography Is Personal Workshops” is “one-on-one” instruction.
    • To facilitate this objective, each workshop accommodates only one, two, or three photographers, and,
    • Each is preceded by a conversation with individual workshop participants to become familiar with their knowledge and experience in photography and to understand how the workshop may best assist in developing the photography skills, techniques, confidence, and experience needed to bring home photographs more meaningful and expressive to each.
    • Together we discover and define the results you anticipate for your participation in a Photography is Personal Workshop.
  • The focus is always in search of inspiration, recognizing inspiration is a tool we can learn to employ, helping photographers “believe in their creativity”, in their ability to create images that share the aesthetic beauty of their subjects or images with meaningful stories to tell.
    • Each workshop experience seeks to build on your past successes as well as any missed opportunities.
    • Whether one, two, or three participants the goal of each workshop is achieving the unique growth important to you.
  • “Photography Is Personal Workshops” may be one-day or multi-day events, regardless whether one, two, or three participants.
    • Specific workshop venues and dates regularly scheduled by f/8 insights sto;; accommodate a limited number of participants so as to afford ample time to facilitate one-on-one, in-the-field instruction.
    • In addition to these scheduled workshops, individual photographers are encouraged to suggest one-on-one workshops to accommodate their unique schedules and interests.The format for these workshops accommodates participants interested in enhancing general photography and/or landscape photography skills through hands-on, educational experiences that facilitate each individual’s abilities to create photographs meaningful to them.
    • The teaching/learning process includes close collaboration with individual participants, sharing the elements of creating meaningful photographs . . . as well as insightful, impromptu observations about individual efforts, intended to heighten each person’s ability to create the photography that resonates with them.
    • Growth is achieved through one-on-one, in-the-field demonstrations, along with on-the-spot and even post-workshop image reviews.