The Sky’s the Limit

Photographing everything under the sun

There’s a very special photography venue in the East, called Shenandoah National Park, and it offers more opportunity for meaningful photography all in one place than anyone can reasonably expect to capitalize on in just a few days. I’ve made repeated trips to this park and it’s always different, always a challenge and always exciting. Its streams and waterfalls, its verdant meadows, lush forests and even, when conditions are right, its mountaintop compositions of clouds in the valley below make for memorable opportunities. It’s our job to create meaningful images from it all.

Four full days of photography during a landscape photography workshop in this great park promises unparalleled opportunities.  So, what will you experience and learn if you join us in May? First of all, you’ll experience an  “. . . escape to recreation and re-creation” as the park assures on its website. And, let me add the thrill of discovering and creatively photographing an unlimited variety of subjects.

What will participants learn?

  • The value of identifying what your image is “about” before clicking the shutter release,
  • How and when to use HDR (High Dynamic Range), if at all,
  • The importance of “cleaning up” your composition,
  • The importance of taking the time to “see” what’s around you,
  • Why and how to use “depth of field” in your composition.
  • The impact of aspect ratio on your image,
  • Working with shadows,
  • Appreciating long exposures,
  • The difference between snapshots and artful/expressive images,
  • All, supported and reinforced through group image reviews.

And, all participants take home a print of a favorite image or two.

Learn more at Shenandoah National Park.

Then, why not join us?  Use the coupon code Shenpk-19 by April 15 and save $100.