Photo shoot/fishing trip combo

Wild blueberries-everywhere

Wild blueberries-everywhere

Lac Nancy backwater

Lac Nancy backwater

Does it get any better? I mean any better than combining photography and fishing in the same trip.

I recently returned from a trip with three non-photographer friends, fishing in Northern Quebec, Canada. Well, I guess it really isn’t northern Quebec, but it certain seemed like it was to those of us on the trip as we set down on Lac Nancy, in the outfitter’s single engine Beaver aircraft.

The flight was a little better than a half hour from Caesar’s Lodge, near Parent, QC. We had driven all night, more than 12 hours, from Syracuse, NY where two of us live – the last 100+ over dirt road. Much of that dirt road I’m hesitant to call road.

But I digress. The subject is photography and fishing isn’t it.

We spent the better part of seven days on Lac Nancy and while the accommodations weren’t the best, the photography and the fishing

Tim and Jim's Morning Haul

Tim and Jim's haul

were top-notch – 20″+ walleye for fish (and of course shore lunches all week) combined with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, misty mornings,a full

Moon over Lac Nancy

Moon over Lac Nancy

moon, more made photography exciting.

I learned a couple things along the way. First, I didn’t need as many batteries as was prepared for. I’d borrowed a couple additional batteries from my Nikon D70 from a friend and never used them. I think there were two reasons for this: 1- I was deliberately trying to slow down and pay more attention to my exposures, composition, using different lenses, etc. so I didn’t take as many photos and 2- I was fishing after all. Second, these new memory cards (2 gig, 4 gig, etc) hold a lot of photos.

Towering Pines at Lac Nancy

Towering Pines

While I downloaded my photos everyday onto an Epson 2000 multi-media storage viewer, I really only need to do so for backup security purposes. I came home with images on three SanDisk Compact Flash cards (two 2 gig and one 4-gig).

Morning on Lac Nancy

Cabin view