“And, we’re off . . .” – Joshua Tree

Some 3,300 miles of driving took us past many photo opportunities without stopping to take even a single click. I’ve pledged to myself that I will return with more time. The important thing is we (my friend Mike Berg from Alexandria, VA and I) made it to California in good time and have an evening and an early morning shoot under our belts. It’s been cold (even saw some snow on the windshield this morning) with morning temps in the 20s and 30s and strong winds encouraging us to layer-up.

Neither Mike nor I have ever been here before so we’re sort of taking blind stabs at where we want to explore. This is only a short visit. We had a late shoot this evening and we hitch up in the morning for the 5 or 6-hour drive north to Death Valley National Park where we’ll spend five days before we’re off to Moab, Utah.

We have given ourselves a challenging and tiring schedule with this cross-country photo trek. So far, so good.

Below are a few images from Joshua Tree National Park. We haven’t had time to much more than download images from our cameras so it will be interesting to see what we can do with these when we get time for some serious post-capture processing.

As I said, we are off to DV tomorrow morning so it will likely be a couple days before we have time for another post.