NYC Sierra Photo Club invite

Gentle Autumn I’ve just accepted an invitation from the New York City Sierra Photo Club, to be the guest speaker at its October 21 meeting at the Lincoln Center in New York City. What an honor this is, especially when I look back at some of the great photographers who have been their speaks in the past. Last year’s October speaker for example, was Roman Kurywczak whom I’ve heard speak, most recently at the NANPA Summit in San Diego. I’m definitely going to have to bring my “A game.”Winter simplicity-6025- I also ran across such role models for us all as Carl Heilman II, Tony Sweet, Steve McMurray, Jennifer Wu and too many others to list here. The subject of my presentation is going to be “Seeing with an artist’s eye,” a subject I selected before I saw the presenters I was following. Guess I had  better get crackin’ on my presentation. It also happens that my presentation will coincide with the opening, the next day, of the 2015 PhotoPlus Expo at the Javits Convention Center. So, I guess I’ll just have to take that in while I’m at it. The club tells me that they welcome visitors, so if you plan on going to the PhotoPlus Expo or just happen to be in the city, why not stop by.