More HDR …

Since I posted the preceding note on my initial work with the HDR software, Photomatix, I’ve been playing a little. With the help of my son, we’ve revamped the blog site and I’ve been learning how to update it and make changes as we progress. It’s interesting, even fun…to my surprise.

I was out again this past weekend, camera in hand. It was heavily overcast with intermittant rain and a pretty good breese most of the time. So I decided to try “painting” with the aid of the breeze and the low light level. The low light level required a longer exposure, which meant the colorful fall leaves would blur every time the breeze picked up. The resulting affect gives the image a painterly look to it.

I took several images before I thought to expose for images that could be manipulated in the Photomatix software. I think the combination of images enhanced the painterly affect. Take a look. What do you think?

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