Looking for ideas or good examples?

Most of my outdoor (or nature) photographer friends would agree . . . there are many excellent nature photography magazines that will help them develop their skills. Whether professional or amateur outdoor photographer, we are all still developing.

Every time we learn about a new technique, tool or gadget it turns our head. I remember a story (I think it was related by one of my favorite pros, Outdoor Photographer magazine columnist William Neill) of outdoor photography icon Ansel Adams. The story related how Adams would head to the darkroom every time he learned of a new technique that could enhance his images. I don’t know that I recall correctly, but I think he talked about Adams bringing the same image closer and closer to what he’d seen in the field, with each trip to the darkroom.

That’s what I think underlies most of our searches through the pages of magazine such as Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Nature Photographer and more. I could make a long list of such helpful magazines.

But there are others that you might not find on the news stand. A magazine like Currents, a quarterly published for members by the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) is a good example. Currents regularly shares tips on everything from techniques of nature photography to the business of nature photography.

All of these magazines, while offering traditional print versions, also offer up a ton of useful information (some right off the pages of their magazines) on Internet sites. (The links in the post will take you to each of those I’ve mentioned.)

There are other magazine that I like to pick up because of the great photography they regularly publish. Backpacker is certainly not published specifically for photographers. Yet, while I read it regularly for tips on trekking the back country, tips that frequently help make life easier to get my cameras where I need them, I frequently spend long, enjoyable moments studying  Backpacker photographer. If you pay attention to who the photographer is (every photo is credited in fine print near the binding) you can frequently Google the photographer’s name and see more of his/her work on line.

I receive Backpacker thanks to the generosity of Tim, not only a great friend, but one I’ve spent many nights in woods with. Another good friend, Daniel, recently gave me a subscription to Audubon magazine. All I can say is “wow.” The photography is not only educational, it’s inspirational. The most recent edition started inspiring right on the cover with Rob Palmer’s stunning image of a pair of bald eagles. Even the photos in the ads are stoppers.