It’s too bad, if you missed the show

Okay, here’s some more about Martha’s experience and recent show, which wasn’t her first. However, I don’t recall how many she’s shared with the community.

I’ve gotten to know Martha Lanctot quite well, initially as a student in my workshops and over the years as a friend. I’ve come to appreciate how through photo workshops, mine and others, as well as her personal efforts, Martha’s photography has matured. I’ve witnessed her willingness to stretch – her thinking as well as her energies.

Martha Lanctot with just part of her nigh photography show at the Baldwinsville, NY library.

Perhaps, you might say, I shouldn’t see all this as so impressive. especially for a retired English teacher. Actually, I think she’s still teaching, though not formally in a classroom. While many people find all manner of reasons they “can’t” do something, Martha steps up to figure out how she’s going to stretch, again, and expand her world. This latest show was a great example, featuring images of the night sky created during a workshop in Rockport, ME, with photographer Lance Keimig. It is just one more example of a teacher who hasn’t stopped seeking knowledge.

I think anyone (yours truly included) who has had the opportunity to interact with Martha during one or more of the many workshops she has participated in has been made a better photographer in some way, not just from her photography but also through her attitude about learning.

I’m betting this will not be Martha’s last show, so we should all pay attention, to make sure we don’t miss the next one.