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It’s always great when someone asks a question about photography that someone else, a little more experienced typically, is able to answer. This scenario quite often plays out around my workshops or presentation . It’s amazing how often the same questions come up. Sometimes even from the same person. While the answers may have been on money, they can just as often be forgotten in the rush of activity surrounding a workshop or presentation.

This scenario led me to create f/8 insights, to try and answer many questions even before they are asked and to help people enjoy photography even more . . . particularly landscape/nature photography.

Getting past frustration

North Country Sunrise

It is my hope that I will be able to make your entrance into the enjoyment of photography proceed a little faster, even help you get past the frustration often experienced when first undertaking any new endeavor. As your skills and therefore your confidence grow, so too will the content of f/8 insights. Begin with the “Tips, Tricks & Techniques” that you can view here. I believe that you will find f/8 insights be a practical source of useful, or sometimes simply interesting information related to landscape/nature photography.

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Rattlesnake Gulch

Plus there’s more in the future of f/8 insights as I look to expand the type of content that I will share with you through – such as:

  • Exclusive short how-to videos,
  • “Random Thoughts and Interviews” podcasts,
  • Insightful reviews of your images,
  • and exciting and exclusive special events.

As each addition to f/8 insights becomes available subscribers will be the first to learn of them.

Finally, with the idea behind f/8 insights being to share practical insights about how we can all grow as landscape/nature photographers you should know that it’s not intended to be a one-way street. With each edition of Tips, Trick & Techniques I encourage you to share your ideas, feedback and questions to help f/8 insights improve along the way. You even have that opportunity offer you thoughts by clicking visiting my f/8 insights submission form here.

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