Student Galleries: BALTIMORE WOODS

You have to give credit to photographers who let attitude reign supreme. That was the case today, January 28, 2012. A winter photography photo workshop was scheduled and no one could recall the last time a January 28th was marked by no snow and steadily warming temperatures. As the day approached, rain, wind and temperatures too warm for snow, didn’t bode well for the anticipated winter shoot.

Even so, all but one photographer scheduled to participate, showed up at the anticipated hour. You could see concern written all over their faces as each arrived and scanned gray skies, brown withered fields, bare leafless trees. The dominent colors – browns and shades of brown. Bright, glistening snow was nowhere to be seen.

That said, within ten feet of her car, one workshop participant’s eye caught a glimpse of her first photograph. Others gravitated to a line-up of antique farm equipment, all but buried in nearby weeds. Still, others were drawn to a rustic log cabin. Within minutes each participant was grappling with the most common challenge confronting nature photographers everywhere – seeing their photographs before they clicked their shutter releases. The gallery below is a sampling of their results.