Well, today’s weather featured warmer temperatures than normal in the morning, followed by cooler than normal in the afternoon, more than our fair share of rain and “too much snow”. So,

Early spring textures

First blossoms of spring

excuse me if I’m having a difficult time “spring”-ing into the season. Okay, I admit it, I always find it difficult to get into spring photography. In part, it’s likely that’s partly because of the mud, the period of time before spring blossoms start to pop and that lime green wave gradually rolls across the landscape.

Patience is the advice I regular pray for. Patience.

A spring flow.

Rest assure . . . spring will blossom.

But, I’m short on that character trait. So, this year I decided that looking back through some photos from previous Aprils might help quell my impatience until Mother Nature gets her act together. In years past locating images from previous time frames, such as the month of April, would have been extremely difficult as I rifled through stacks of transparencies. This spring, though, all I had to do was open Lightroom Classic CC, click on “Metadata” in the”Library Filter” and navigate to April of each year’s images.

It’s certainly not as enjoyable actually getting out in the field with my camera but I’m starting to feel spring coming on.

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