What Others Say

I really enjoyed the chance we had to share photos we shot and to critique how they could have been made better. – Evelyn D., after the Baltimore Woods Winter Workshop.

I found that, with some help, it was possible for me to go beyond snapshots and capture some of what my mind sees. I think the format that you use (for your workshops) works well. I’ll be looking for more time in the future. – Peter D. after the Baltimore Woods Winter Workshop.

I learned how to slow down and evaluate the scene in front of me…I appreciated how you would offer suggestions and approaches and then leave us alone to try those techniques. – Martha L. after the Baltimore Woods Winter Workshop.
I enjoyed chasing the light every morning and evening. I enjoyed shooting things other than the vast landscape. And, I learned a lot during the exercise in which we had to get that “wow” shot using only one lens. Tom knows the park and its scenic spots exceptionally well. At each stop I roamed around looking for a shot. I knew I was not ignored when Tom would appear with and insightful idea or comment.
– Gerald L. after the 2011 Letchworth State Park Tour.

I enjoyed every minute of your workshop!  Learned so much and appreciate the tips and information that you gave us.  I took a walk yesterday and looked at every bit of the area on our road in a new way – so much to see!  I will send you some photos when I get an interesting one.
Sally F. after 2010 Getting Ready for Winter workshop.

[I loved] the relaxed pace of the day. The way you spend individual time with each of us and asked us if we had questions or needed help. The lunchtime critique was the best. I learn a lot from those critiques and think they are such useful tools for aspiring photographers
 Roni D. after CNY/Onondaga County tour.

I would like you to know that the money spent for your CNY Photo Tour/Workshop was some of the best money I ever spent. I walked away with more knowledge and tips than I could possibly glean from a book or tutorial in over a month’s time. This is due to your patience as well as your unselfishness sharing of your knowledge. Your love for the craft definitely shines through as well as having a wonderful demeanor with the folks you are teaching or working with. I felt invigorated by Saturday’s workshop. Always photographing by yourself can get a bit lonely at times and just the time spent with everyone makes it more fun, along with the fact that it also gives you a bit of a challenge to try just a little harder. – Chuck L. After the CNY Photo Tour.

The knowledge you shared was great….I learned a lot – Andres C.

There was just enough info without it being overwhelming. You also spoke in a language that everyone could understand.  – Lauren J.

I am excited to get out into nature and start practicing. Today made me feel like a photographer rather than a beginner. – Julie K.