His design

On this Holy Saturday of Easter weekend, as I enjoyed my morning walk I was thinking, appropriately enough, about all the blessings of the events of this Holy Week, both historically and in my life today. As I contemplated the events of this week and the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, the beauty of a brisk spring morning when winter seems to want to hang on surrounded me. More to the point it was literally under foot and I could not help but appreciate its fresh vibrancy. I could not walk past even the most inconsequential puddle in the middle of a deserted Hogsback Road without seeing His hand, His designs. Simple, beautiful and to my eyes full of life. Whether I saw the ice designs as forms of modern art (destined to be gone before the sun climbed high) or the warmth of the reflected sun (or is it the Reflected Son?) I could not just walk past without taking note.

In my study, teaching, and practice of photography, I often remind myself and others of the importance of studying the lines, textures, contrast and, the direction and quality of the light. This morning, with my iPhone as my camera all of this, came together for me.

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