Flowers in winter

Technically it was still winter on March 17th. And, outside it certainly felt like winter as we parked our cars and made our way into the Carol Watson Greenhouses in Lafayette, NY. The day had been scheduled with a half-dozen photographers mostly from Central New York . . . one was from Akron, OH. A few others showed up who were not anticipated which, I guess, showed that the idea for a flower photography day in early March wasn’t a bad one.

I guess it must not have been sunny on the days I made my pre-workshop planning visits to the greenhouses because I wasn’t prepared for two things. First, I expected more diffused light than we ended up with. The 17th was a bright sunny day. and second, none of up were prepared for the warmth of the greenhouses. Being good Central New Yorkers (for the most part) we were dressed in layers, so most were able to shed a layer or two during the day which was fortunate.

Still, because it was so bright the planned presentations on flower photography, including sharing images via a TV, had to go by the wayside and instead the lions share of “instruction” ended up being accomplished one-on-one behind each individual’s tripod and camera. Most were able to try some things that were new to them. Several were able to focus closer with the lenses they had by experimenting with extension rings. Almost everyone was able to employ a diffuser to soften the bright sunlight. Many worked with their macro lenses more they ever had. Some even discovered that the long lenses they carry (mostly of the 70-200 mm variety) work great when trying to isolate a flower or part of a flower. A few even experimented with intentional camera movement, despite the brightness of the setting, which made it difficult to use multi-second exposures, even with the use of neutral density filters.

Still, I believe it turned out to be a good day of photography and the photos here help illustrate just that.

See some more photos from Carol Watson’s Greenhouses below. Click on any photo to see a larger rendition.

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