Day one at Death Valley

We’ve had an evening and a morning shoot to open our stint at Death Valley National Park. It was still windy and cold, however, it’s warmed up this afternoon. It’s about 1 pm as I write this. Last night, after our drive from Joshua Tree, through the Mojave (see the featured photo above) we decided that an area in DV named Bad Water would be an appropriate first venture.

Bad Water salt flats

After setting up our camp we made haste to get to Bad Water before sunset but didn’t quite make it. Bad Water is noted for its salt flats, so we walked out into the flats about a half mile before we got past salt deposits that were trampled by

20 Mule Team Canyon

tourists. I think we’ll go back tonight since last night proved less than ideal both in what we encountered and what we brought home in the way of images.


This morning we started at the famous Zabriski Point in hopes of some good morning light. It wasn’t great but it was fun, though really cold and windy. From there we moved on to the Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Clouds over 20 Mule Team Canyon

and had some fun before the light got too harsh. We may try it again tomorrow in hopes of better light.

That’s one of the problems with short trips to places like DV. There’s so much here that despite our best research before we left home, we still feel like kids in a candy store. It’s hard to know where to turn next. Darn. We’ll have to try it all again tomorrow.


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