10 days in April

I admit it. I’m chomping at the bit for something other than meteorological spring. I’m ready for warmer days that feature some spring green with lots of fresh buds on the trees and tiny blooming flowers. Every morning I head out for my morning exercise. Sometimes I actually carry my DSLR but most days so far this spring, i’ve settled for having my iPhone in my pocket. There’s hasn’t been much to get excited about. It has typically been quite cold with frozen mud puddles and leaves old and new with frost around the edges. Still, I have treated these mornings as opportunities . . . opportunities to refresh my “eye” for the landscape photograph, albeit more of the close-up variety than the grand landscape.

I’ve concentrated more on composition elements than on creating “pretty pictures.” I’ve tried to think of what it was “about” my subject that I wanted to capture, knowing most often that either the colors or the light wasn’t the best. I was still able to consider the lines and textures, the angle of the sun, front light, side light, back light, etc. My walks have given my iPhone the opportunity to really look for compositions even though most of the time I’ve found myself anxious for the season to “get on with it.”

Spring, especially this year, isn’t my favorite season but I’m going to give it every chance I can and use what it offers to help hone my abilities for when the seasonal tide changes.