In search of inspiration

Where do inspiration and creativity come from?

Stella Dora lead me to countless hours of creative joy.                   

We all get our inspiration someplace, often outside of ourselves. It’s doubtful that many of us will ever be inspired by something that doesn’t somehow connect with something within us.

Sometimes, however, we have to let go of preconceived notions to allow what’s naturally inside of us to blossom. For example, I never thought I’d enjoy photographing flowers, until one late spring afternoon. Something motivated me to explore a Stella Dora lily my wife had planted outside our back door. It had just come into bloom.

Perhaps that inspiration came from a magazine article or a workshop, or another photographer’s work, or even a painting I had seen. It could have just been its soft yellow color and smooth, sensuous pedals. I really don’t know. I don’t need to know where the inspiration came from to include its meaningfulness in my photo. If I had just said, “I only photograph the grand landscape,” my subject of choice to that point in my photography experience, many hours of enjoyable and even therapeutic photography would have been lost to me.

I spent a couple of hours photographing my wife’s lily but it launched years of pure joy creating images of flowers. I believe I can even credit that Stella Dora Lily with opening my eyes to many other creative experiences, each leading to the next, whether a flower, a grand landscape or even many meaningful abstract images I’ve discovered in nature.

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