I’m on the road again . . .

I‘m about to hit the road again. This time it’s to reconnoiter Shenandoah National Park in anticipation of my workshop in the park June 6-10. Of course this is my umpteenth trip to one of the best national parks in the east. But it gives me an excuse to visit the park and another opportunity to enjoy some photography there. All, while refreshing my memory on favorite shooting venues and any changes that may affect the workshop in June.

Shenandoah provides a wide variety of photo opportunities ranging from spring streams and wild flowers (I really enjoy the dogwoods) to dramatic waterfalls, pastoral meadows, and scenic Appalachian Trail vistas. Of course I’ll have to check out the sunrise and sunset venues and I hope to catch a morning fog or two.

I’ve been working on the more formal elements of the June workshop with emphasis on the elements of design and composition, on those decisions we all need to make as we seek to create expressive and artful images. I will be looking to refresh my own portfolio from the park with images that will illustrate the decisions we need to make relevant to creative images that are more “about” our subjects than “of them.”

Those joining us in June will enjoy a few hours of classroom-style instruction while enjoying virtually unlimited opportunities to apply the instruction behind their cameras and tripods. I still have room for additional participants who would like to expand their knowledge as well as their portfolios. Check out more details on this workshop at: Shenandoah National Park.