Getting Ready for Winter Photography

I’m really warming up to the subject, Getting Ready for Winter Photography, the subject of the November 13 Getting Ready for Winter workshop, that I’m conducting at the Marcellus, NY Library.

Winter images can be simple and exciting to capture

Can I use “warming up” and “winter photography” in the same sentence? I sure can. In fact, “warming up” or “warming up too much” will be one of the things we talk about during the workshop.

However, part of my enthusiasm for this workshop is coming from the interest we’re seeing in it. It’s going to be interesting to see how far people travel to get a head start on winter photography. I know of two people driving up from Binghamton, NY.

Peacock feathers are a favorite close-up subject. We’ll have some at the Nov. 13 workshop.

Already, we’re almost booked – only four seats remaining. I also ought to note that the early bird workshop fee deadline is just around the corner, too. Until November 1, the fee for the all-day workshop is only $39. After November 1, the free goes up to $49. Still a heck of a deal, if I say so myself. So, I’d suggest, before November 1,  anyone who’s interested in joining us, either go on line (click this link) Getting Ready for Winter (you can register and pay your fee right there) or simply give me a call at 315-420-3513 and I can get you registered.

Macro flower photography can almost be sensuous. We’ll have plenty of flower to photograph.

Then, get your gear ready. We’ll be spending the afternoon learning about and doing some close-up/macro photography. The whole day is indoors, so no special clothing requirements. You’ll be amazed at the beauty you can capture right on your kitchen table. Be sure to bring your tripod and any close-up/macro gear you may have. Don’t worry! If you don’t have a tripod or close-up/macro gear, you’ll still be able to learn and enjoy taking your own photos.

I hope everyone’s getting as excited as I am.