Flowers provide a respite in winter

By this time each January in upstate New York, many of us, especially landscape photographers, (and gardeners, I bet) start to get a little antsy. Sure, many of us appreciate and enjoy the opportunities the winter landscape provide for us to ply our passions behind our cameras. Still, many of us long for the colors that spring and summer promise and the months of winter can seem to drag on.

Carol Watson Greenhouse in December – more flowers coming soon!

That’s why I marked the date Mar 9, 2019 on my calendar and enlisted the aid of Carol Watson, master gardener and the owner of Carol Watson Greenhouses in Lafayette, NY. I visited the greenhouses myself a few weeks ago (something I like to do every so often). There were nowhere near as many colorful blooms as there will be in March but on a cold, drab, wintery December day it was like stepping into a dream. My biggest challenge was deciding where to begin, where to look next.

You can wait and hope spring arrives early . . .

So, let that serve as both encouragement and a warning. If, as winter builds to its crescendo, you would enjoy some photography that offers the warmth, color and freshness of spring take a minute to visit Flowers of Winter -2019But, don’t hesitate. Register soon because registrations are already coming in. With lunch included, this is likely the best deal of the season. Register here.

. . . or, take advantage of this opportunity at Carol’s greenhouses.

A special note to gardeners and other flower enthusiasts. Photographs are a great way to preserve the beauty of your flowers. They make great decorations, can be used to make or personalize note cards, and can even provide that special touch for advertising and marketing efforts. You certainly do not need to be a dedicated landscape or flower photographer to appreciate the tips I will share during this workshop, not to mention the opportunity to try your hand on a variety of blooms. Feel free to touch base with any questions you may have. Just click here to “Contact me.”


I almost forgot to mention the First Annual Adirondack High Peaks Winter Photography Event, Jan. 30 to Feb. 3. If you are looking for a great time, great winter photography and the camaraderie of fellow photographers who are likely to become friends, not to mention guest speakers who’ll excite your photography adventure bones, this is an event for you. Just click here to “Contact me.” I’ll follow-up to answer any questions you may have and coordinate your participation in this great event.