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All about enjoying photography

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Then, too, friends are often able to help us expand our horizons. Often something at a special event turns on the proverbial light bulb and leaves us wondering why we had not figured something earlier. We can all appreciate these common experiences. I’ve recognized each of them one time or another in one of my photo workshops or even just enjoying a shoot with friends.

Let’s really get into our photography

For the past couple of years, I have been searching for a way to be sure my workshops were not just “same old, same old.” Then, all at once the light came on. Like most ideas, it was a little difficult to totally wrap my mind around it at first, but as I wrestled with what I was trying to accomplish it started to become clear. I needed to do something that would help those new to photography (or not so new for that matter) enjoy their photography more and more as time went on.

Introducing f/8 insights

One thing led to another and I started to see the framework for the program I’m introducing here that I am calling f/8 insights. “f/8″ because that’s the aperture at which the lenses we use most, as landscape photographers, produce our best photography.  And, “insights” because I want to provide those looking to grow as photographers the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of both the craft and the art of landscape photography.

f/8 insights has been developed especially for landscape photographers. The core of f/8 insights is “little things,” snippets if you will, that I’ve dubbed Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. What you’ll find right off the bat is just the beginning. You can check out  f/8 insights here – where you’ll discover your first Tips, Tricks & Techniques. You will also have the opportunity to subscribe (it’s free) to f/8 insights and begin getting even more in your email inbox every few days.

Podcasts, Image Reviews & Special Events

Soon, I’ll also expand f/8 insights to include more content to help you with your photography:

  • Podcasts – These will feature “random thoughts” on landscape photography and interviews with fellow photographers who have something to add to our experience or our ability to experience landscape photography.
  • Image Reviews – I’m really looking forward to introducing Image Reviews, designed to help subscribers see what’s really good about their images along with things they might do differently next time to make them even better.
  • Special Events – Ultimately f/8 insights will introduce special events that will bring us together for the sake of camaraderie, learning from each other, and just plain fun through photography.

So check out  f/8 insights here and discover your first Tips, Tricks & Techniques today.

As will always be the case with f/8 insights I welcome your comments, constructive critiques of what you receive, new ideas, and suggestions.