Day 9 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

An icy stream serves as an approach to the falls.

The falls themselves lead your eye to the ice flow at its base.

The lesson I learned today is one we’ve heard before. Go back. Go back to places you’ve visited before and photographed before. So, I guess you’d say my lesson today was one relearned. I was in a bind having not realized my photo for the ninth day of our Hundred Day Photo Challenge and I’m running out of time and daylight. To top that off, my sister would arrive bringing dinner with here shortly after sunset. So if I was going to get my photo today it would have to be from someplace close by that I could get to, get my photograph and get home before supper arrived.

The flowing stream and the ice below the falls offer the viewer a design and feel most of us don’t even see at first glance.

My best option, I thought was Bucktail Falls at the southwest end of Otisco Lake. But, and it was a big one, a week ago when I visited the falls it was virtually blocked by construction crews installing a new bridge on the road that fronted the falls. The falls themselves were dark and the new bridge seemed to make them just part of the construction clutter.

Today the whole scene, though consisting of mostly the same elements – waterfalls, rock walls, and a meandering stream, was on this day made simplified by snow and ice. In only minutes I was heading home for supper with photos I had never created at Bucktail Falls before and very happy I had gone back.