Day 87 of my Journey

Psalm 93: The Lord is king; He is robed in majesty.

We all know that the rains of March and April are necessary if we expect the spring flowers of May and June. Still, a day-long drizzle covered by dark gray skies makes it difficult to keep your spirits up. A couple thing kept my spirits up today. One was a call from New York City and a gentleman seeking information on my upcoming Letchworth State Park Photography Tour. Our tours are a big deal to us and it’s very gratifying whenever we have another prospective participant. He was talking about what he likes to learn at an event like ours and it fit us like a glove.

I haven’t mentioned the upcoming workshops lately, so this call motivated me to put add a little information to today posting. As I say on my website, Letchworth State Park is one of the best-kept secrets in Upstate New York and maybe the northeast. Renowned as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” it’s one of the most scenically magnificent areas in the eastern U.S. Three waterfalls are the main attractions, however, at times there are as many as 16 other falls to hike to and photograph. This year we’re planning to be in the park from midday on May 18  to midday on May 22. Of course there’s more information on the link in the first paragraph above. I’ll only be accepting registrations from 6-8 participants so that I can give everyone the time they like. That’s proven in past tours to be what most people liked most.

You may notice that I keep saying “tour” rather than workshop. That’s because I’m trying hard to differentiate between a typical workshop in which a lot of time is spend in lecture-style presentations and my “tours” which emphasize learning opportunities in the field. Each day will begin with us in the field for a few hours, then we’ll spend some time indoors downloading and reviewing images to see what we might what to do differently before heading back outdoors in the late afternoon and evening.

I did mention that there were a couple things that kept my spirits up today, didn’t I. The second was finding a beautiful Reiger Begonia at the supermarket as I was heading home this evening. It’s soft, yet bright colors are an amazing contrast to the drabness of the day. It makes we think of the verse above, “He is robed in majesty.” Let me know what you think about the close-up (left) and the macro (right).