Day 7 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

Wow! What a day! Not exactly a typical photography day, for certain. But a day that challenged the very thought of photography. As important as photography is to me it became very clear yesterday when my wife, carrying groceries into the house took a header on the concrete steps.

Nature photography is often about lines. Lines are about design.

Thanks to the good people at 911 and the Marcellus Volunteer Ambulance Corp. she quickly found herself at St. Joe’s Hospital in the hands of cream of its crop emergency room medical team. Today she began looking forward to recovering from her injuries and I learned that photography, while important in my life, is in second place. I left the house for the drive to the hospital this morning without my DSLR camera. However, first things being first, I was intent on the well being of one lady in one room at one hospital. She’d be okay even if there wasn’t a photo in my day.

Lines can be what the photo is about.

As it happened there was plenty of time during the day when I sat there doing absolutely nothing and the thought of this 100-Day Challenge kept creeping into view. Finally, a nurse asked me to leave the hospital room for a few moments. As I waited in the hallway that camera in my back pocket, my iPhone, was burning the proverbial hole. There I stood and soon I was looking at what I could photograph in that hallway. They wouldn’t be photos of nature or landscapes and they wouldn’t be photos I’m particularly, but they would still need to be photos that I thought through. I needed to consider perspective, lines, depth, light, and point of view. It was only a few minutes of my day, Unimportant minutes in the scheme of things but minutes that confirmed what’s important and what’s in second place.