Day 6 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

The color from autumn leaves below the icy surface added interest to the snowy landscape.

You know, sometimes I think it’s fair to compare nature photography to playing the one-armed bandit at the casino. One day you may begin to think you’ve had enough and the next . . . you can’t get enough. Today was one of the latter. It was one of those mornings I’m always talking about when I’m tempted to stay in bed. Normally with the understanding that you don’t even get a chance to create a meaningful photograph if you’re not there. So, I was in the field shortly after sun up this morning and from the first moments, I could not have been happier. A fresh coating of snow made everything clean looking. The contrast between the trees and scrub at Tracy Lakes was stark. The temperature hovered right around freezing with barely even a breeze. I was barely off the road walking the lone trail into the woods when I started seeing compositions. That’s a great feeling.

Much of what I found myself composing this morning was of a minimalist nature . . . simple branches resting on the ice and snow-covered pond surface or a sapling reaching skyward from below the soft ice. Even when my

composition was more of the broader landscape variety, it seems that branches or leaves below the icy surface still managed to impact the composition adding color to the otherwise pristine snow. Despite a heavy overcast, it was definitely one of those mornings I would have been sorry to have missed had the photos I ended up seeing been someone else’s.

Before I knew it I was surprised when I checked the time on my phone, to see that a couple of hours had gone by. With plenty of work stacked on my desk back home, I really had to get going. But, it was one of those great “shoots” when it seems like everywhere you look you see a worthy composition so the walk back to my truck was slower than it probably ought to have been.

It was a morning worthy of a short prayer of thanksgiving!