Day 54 of my Journey

Psalm 116:12  To you, Lord, I will offer a sacrifice of praise.

I may seem quite enamored with the thought that praise is seen by God as sacrifice. Maybe that’s because as a nature photographer I find so many opportunities for praise.

Finding praise and sacrifice in simple creations

Today both the weather (warm but gray) and a busy schedule conspired to turn my attention to a bouquet of flowers left over from Valentine’s Weekend.

I initially focused on three roses in the bouquet. However, they had faded quickly since I picked them up on Friday and weren’t offering the images I was seeking. Then, while cranking the focus ring back and forth, one of the tiny baby’s breath flower popped into focus against a soft background, that softness created by a wide open aperture that narrows the depth of field.

I’m happy to have captured this image, which I see as in keeping with today’s reading.