Day 52 of my Journey

Psalm 50:1  Offer to God a sacrifice of praise.

Realistically, this psalm verse is what the accompanying picture makes be think of…praise to God.

Today was another one of those “off-winter” days, when the ground was covered by a couple feet of snow in most places near my home, yet the mercury climbed to temperatures that were certainly not winter-like, upwards of 40 degrees. Rather than snow we had rain most of the day.

Offer to God a sacrifice of praise

Yet, it also turned out to be a day in which gathering my image for the day was easier than I expected. I was driving down US 20, on my way to doing a couple errands. My intention was to get the errands out of the way and then begin my search for today’s image. As it turned out, a quick glance north as I drove past Orchard Vali Country Club, presented all I needed to change my plans. By the time the image clicked in my head I was a couple hundred yards down the road and the rain was steady enough that I wasn’t anxious to get out into it.

A couple u-turns brought me back in front of this scene and I didn’t even have to get out of the truck. With 70-200 mm lens cranked out to about 140 mm and the vibration reduction

Though over exposed, the high-key look of this image serves as praise for His hand in creation

switched on I was able to frame three trees almost as a screen through which to view the golf course’s landscape of smaller trees in the background. The high-key element of the carpet of snow contrasted with the trees to capture the image just as my initial quick glance painted it in my mind.

I think this psalm verse indicates that the Lord accepts praise as sacrifice, and to me at least, this image captures that praise.

The second image is pretty much the same idea, only over exposed by about four stops. I like the extreme high-key look.