Day 51 of my Journey

Just in cas you are reading this for the first time, let’s catch up. I started a special Journey (My nature photography journey with Jesus) on Christmas Day last year. My commitment is to capture a photograph that I can consider a “keeper” every day from Christmas, through Easter Sunday, symbolically from Jesus’ birth through His resurrection. If this is your first visit, I hope you type the word “journey” in the search box at the bottom of the column on the right. That will call up each day of the journey thus far. Now on to today’s installment.

The Book of Sirach 15:15-16, If you choose you can keep the commandments , they will save you; if you trust in God, you too shall live . . .

That last verse, “if you trust in God, you too shall live…” plays out every day on this journey as I’m out trying to find my image for the day. Today was particularly difficult. It started before sunrise as I awoke hoping that the skies from last night had persisted and would be brightened by the sunrise. You guessed it. When I got outside, the first thing I saw as snowflakes in the air, normally a pretty good sign that your not going to have a sun brightened horizon.

With the whole creek as my subject this small riffle came alive for me

Still, ever the optimist, I drove to a spot where I held out hope I’d be able to capture the sun rising over the horizon east of Canandaigua Lake. I’ve gone to this same spot before without luck. Unfortunately, today was a repeat performance.

So I continued my drive, circumnavigating this finger lake counter clockwise, keeping my eyes peeled for any opportunity to collect a new image. I had made the same trip yesterday and collected a couple images. Despite gray skies, breezy snow filled skies enabled some interesting images. Today, however, as temperatures climbed above freezing for the first time in weeks, I think, the gray skies seemed to settle uncomfortably on thawing, gray snow. I couldn’t find my image.

I wouldn’t have another chance until after we arrived home. Still, the skies remained gray and the countryside without the advantage of any interesting light uninspiring. So, I headed to one of my favorite settings, Nine Mile Creek as it winds its way north of the Village of Marcellus, NY, a dozen or so miles from my home. There, my trust rewarded me with today’s keepers.