Day 50 of my Journey

Psalm 90-2  – In every age O Lord, you have been our refuge.

A little planning could go a long ways when it comes to nature photography. Not that I can boast of the habit. This morning is a good example. My Lucia and I are enjoying a weekend at the Morgan Samuels Inn in Canandaigua, NY., a delightful and elegant country inn that we highly recommend.We’ve known we’d be here for several weeks, but if you think I took time to plan for today’s photography, you’d be mistaken.

With white balance set to "Cloudy" I like the sepia feel to this winter scene

So, at quarter to six this morning I followed my headlights down the Morgan Samuels, long, tree-lined driveway to begin my search for today’s Journey image. I thought maybe I’d find something over the pier at the north end of Canandaigua Lake. But, no. I’d hoped for some color from a sunrise to break through the clouds and perhaps reflect off the surface of a little open water or even fresh snow and ice on the lake. Wasn’t going to happen. So, I wound my way west and then south, down past Bristol Mountain, along the west side of the lake and the incredibly beautiful homes that look east. Gray skies were dominant and my spirits began to take on their flavor. What I did see was too much like so many other images I’ve captured of winter and kept moving.

Soon I was wrapping around the south end of the lake, through the marshlands and back north. A couple side jaunts didn’t serve up anything exciting and I mouthed a couple quiet prayers seeking the ability to see something special in the common surroundings.

The snowmobile trail leads my eye to the lone tree against a silvery sky

A typical hedgerow caused me to pull off the road and back up a little. I liked the way the trees, denuded of their foliage, contrasted with the snow-covered hillside behind them. Still typical of so many images I’ve taken in recent weeks. So, I continued my search with the GPS guiding me back to the Morgan Samuels. Finally, for this morning anyway, another scene caught my eye. Off to the east side of the road a single tree stood against a silver sky with what appeared to be a trail (turned out to be yesterday’s snowmobile trail) leading my eye to the tree.

I pulled safely onto the widely plowed shoulder, snapped on the trucks flashers, grabbed my camera and tested the depth of the snow with my tripod as I eased myself off the road to find the best vantage point for the image that was already taking up residence in my mind. Took a couple attempts before I found what I was looking for. And, with only modest adjustment, it would work for both a vertical and a horizontal image.

It’s early yet, (we’ve just finished breakfast) and perhaps I’ll find an image for today that I like better. If so, I’ll add it later this evening when we return from our mini-vacation day for one more delightful evening at Morgan Samuels.