Day 5 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

I’m thinking that being up to this 100-day challenge is a lot like being a country stream. You just have to keep flowing.

It has quickly become obvious that the challenge to create a new expressive photography every day for 100 days is really a challenge. Here it is only day number 5 and I was finding it difficult to find time to get outdoors with my camera. Now, getting outdoors isn’t a requirement of this challenge, but outdoors is where I find my energy for photography. So, for me at least, finding time to get out is perhaps the biggest challenge to this hundred-day photo challenge.

If there’s a log or a pile of rocks in your way, stay in the flow.

I guess whenever you are challenged or challenge yourself to do something every day you should expect some hurdles along the way. The everyday things of life, often simple things, things that are perhaps typical chores in your life, can take more time than you anticipate. Then too, everything from family needs to requirements of work, to entertainment options can and almost certainly will provide hurdles to your efforts to conquer the challenge.

Like this stream in the Skaneateles Conservation Area, you just have to keep on flowing. When what you achieve with the challenge may not always be what you envision as your best work, still, you know just meeting the challenge is a worthwhile goal in itself.