Day 4 – Hundred Day Challenge

A foggy morning forest, even when there is supposed to be snow on the ground and there isn’t, still makes for a fun shoot. (7:22 am.)

My wife says “He’s never happier than when he’s in a fog.” I’m not a big drinker so I believe she’s talking about how much I typically enjoy photographing foggy scenes. With that understanding, you will understand why I was feeling pretty good as I pulled out of the driveway at about 6:30 am. It was darker than normal thanks to a heavy, thick fog. But, that got my juices flowing as my mind raced to decide where I wanted to go while at the same time straining to even see the road because of the fog. Obviously, I don’t want to go far in a fog that was a thick as good soup. I wanted trees, tall trees preferably.

30 minutes later it was brighter and there was even some color. (7:57 am)

Trees, where I would be shooting toward the east would be even better. That proves I’m an optimist . . . expecting to see the sunrise this morning. At any rate, I found my spot even though I couldn’t see very well yet and carefully walked off the road, through a waterlogged ditch, into the woods. By the time I was ready to set up my tripod just a

I was happy to find a little bit of gold. (8 am)

bit of daylight was starting to filter through the fog. My first exposure would be two seconds at f/4. I shot at this spot for only about 20 minutes before heading down the road a bit, setting up on the edge of the road facing west. It was obvious there wasn’t going to be any sun shining through the fog this morning. Within another 20 minutes, I was ready to head home to some breakfast and Saturday’s chores.