Day #3 – Hundred Day Challenge

Photo #1

I felt like I had to get my photo in today before the weatherman made life miserable, so I was out early with no specific destination in mind.  It seems, though, that my trusty Silverado knows where to go so I ended up at Labrador

Photo #2

Photo #3

Hollow. It was almost a repeat of the conditions I found last night. Heavy overcast, lots of gray, nothing that really resembled winter unless you want to count the slushing ice that covered Labrador Pond. That makes it hard to come up with something meaningful. What I ended up with are three images that certainly don’t make me think of winter but, make me think nevertheless. The first one gives me a narrow view of the little bit of winter that existed this morning (the slushy ice) and leading to recognize that this pond is in a valley. The second forces me to think about how sturdy trees on the shore of this frozen pond are; and, the last lets me enjoy the contrast between the tall, rugged pies in the background and the whispy grasses in the foreground, both of which manage to survive the ups and downs of the fickle winter season in Central New York State.