Day 15 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. Tonight, right around dinner time I was hurrying to try and come up with my photo for today, as part of the Hundred Day Photo Challenge. Not only did that mean that I’d be late for dinner but as I raced to the venue for today’s images, the south end of Otisco Lake and a spot called the causeway by locals the sun seemed to be racing, too. I knew that soon it would slide b below the horizon and it didn’t look like the sunset would be particularly wonderful. Even most of the clouds I was counting on seemed to be disappearing. As I arrive at the causeway I noticed some cloud reflections on the lake’s surface that quickly drew me to the shoreline. but the reflection and the sky that was reflecting were broken by the distant and dark shoreline. I only framed one composition before moving on. Just south I spotted a recently trimmed sumac branch reaching out over the lake, and more importantly, standing out against the reflecting clouds on its surface. I liked the contrasting colors and textures.

I was hoping for more, so I moved only a few yards to the north and framed a few compositions with the lakes, distant clouds, reflections in each. I used wide-angle to accentuate the sky, and telephoto to narrow the focus and emphasize the small collection of homes and camps on the north shoreline.