Ricketts Glen photo challenges

This past week, Oct. 11 to 15 actually, provided yet another opportunity for a group of enthusiastic photographers to challenge themselves in unfamiliar territory. What was scheduled to be a workshop with autumn colors and some serious waterfalls as subjects was met with little color, heavy overcast skies, well travelled trails and more water that […]

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More favorites of 2016

This is turning out to be a really good exercise, albeit very tiring. The task of reviewing the year’s images in search of favorites turns out to be not just a selection process. I find myself deleting many images, wondering why I wasn’t more demanding of myself when I first downloaded from my memory cards. […]

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2015 – Tip #1

Anybody care to guess how many “tips” we can log before we welcome the new year in January 2016? If this past year is any measure of what to expect this new year, I wouldn’t estimate too high.  But, hopefully I can do better and not lose half a year. So let’s get started with […]

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