Cleaning up messes

My life seems to be all about cleaning-up messes these days . . . at least my photographic life is. For a few days now we have been talking about “AF Fine Tuning” because I had a couple of my lenses refurbished and wanted to make certain they were working properly. I really appreciated everyone’s […]

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New website

High everyone. This may be my shortest blog post ever. And, if you’re reading it you may already know what I’m writing about, because you can see the different look to my blog and my website. It’s all new and like anything new, may have some bugs we still need to work out. If you […]

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Processing or optimizing

One of the subjects that is bound to come up if two or more photographers get talking about post-capture activities, those things we do with photos once we have them in the camera. Or, perhaps I should say once we take them out of the camera. In the old days, the days of  print film […]

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