Day 17 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

Today was one of those days when photography turns out to be delicious. A sunny afternoon was what we call “the cherry on top” when it follows a night of freshly fallen snow. Everything was clean . . . except for the occasional footprints of some critters. I wish I knew what critters left the […]

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Day 14 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

When I climb out of bed in the morning typically one of the first things I do is take a look out my bedroom window to see what the morning might be offering, photographically. This morning, I felt like I might have hit the jackpot. What I was seeing was a heavy morning fog and […]

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Day 9 – Hundred Day Photo Challenge

The lesson I learned today is one we’ve heard before. Go back. Go back to places you’ve visited before and photographed before. So, I guess you’d say my lesson today was one relearned. I was in a bind having not realized my photo for the ninth day of our Hundred Day Photo Challenge and I’m […]

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